67 minutes: Mandela day

The 18th of July marks the birthdate of Nelson Mandela, in 2009 United Nations General Assembly declared this day ‘Nelson Mandela International Day’. On this day we are called upon world-wide to commemorate the 67 years of Mandela’s life that he devoted to serving humanity.

Nelson Mandela was a human rights lawyer, a prisoner of conscience, the first democratically elected president of a free South Africa, and an international peacemaker (www.un.org).

We have been asked to recognize his contribution to the culture of peace and freedom through devoting 67 minutes of our time on Tuesday the 18th of July towards being of service to our community.  

Below we have put together some ideas of things that you can do on Mandela Day:

1.  There are plenty of charities to support in Cape Town and surrounds. Get in touch with any of your local charities to find out how you can assist them on this day. There are three charities in Noordhoek which would appreciate your help in winter time especially;

  • ‘1 kennel at a time’: donations and fixing up of kennels for animals.

  • ‘Street Sleeper’: tackling the social and environmental challenges of the homeless community.

  • ‘TEARS Animal Rescue’: a pro-life registered NPO assisting animals throughout the Western Cape.

2.  Spend your time giving back to your environment through beach or mountain trail clean-ups. Why not gather a group of people and set forth on a mission along the Noordhoek beach or any of the hiking trails. Pick up all the litter along your way and enjoy a rest at the top, reflecting on the wonderful city before you.  Make sure you take gloves and bags!

3.  Do something for those less fortunate:  Living Hope, a charity organization are collecting dry food items at their Capri campus to give to the less fortunate. They ask that you purchase 6-7 dry food items, like tinned food, soup mix and rice, and drop it off at their Capri campus (Kommetjie Rd, Capri, Cape Town).

4.  Small things for you can be big things for others, assist your neighbour in fixing their roof. Bake a cake for someone in your area. Make sandwiches to give to people on the street. Give blood at your nearest fixed donor site. The list is endless!

We hope that whatever you decide to do will continue to inspire compassion and ongoing service to our communities and those in need around us.

“It is easy to break down and destroy. The heroes are those who make peace and build.”

- Nelson Mandela